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Dental Implants in Brampton

At ParkPlace Dental Centre, Dr. Emil Svoboda and his team of professionals "Strive to Provide Advanced Quality Care" for all of our patients. Dr. Svoboda has been placing and restoring dental implants for over 30 years - providing implant treatment from 'Start to Finish'. His knowledge and skills have been recognized by dental associations, and many patients have already benefited from treatment involving dental implants. Every treatment is customized to best suit the patient.

Emil L.A. Svoboda PhD, DDS has earned:

Fellowship status with the Academy of General Dentistry
Honored Fellow designation of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry
Diplomate status with the American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry


Drs. Sharma and Svoboda discussing the benefits of the RMS design for making dental treatments better for patients.

Dr. Svoboda has published numerous articles about making dental implant treatment better for patients. Based on his research, he has developed the Reverse Margin™ System, that has been designed to prevent several risk factors for complications related to the attachment of replacement teeth to dental implants. See more information about his research and read his articles at www.ReverseMargins.com. Dr. Emil Svoboda works with Drs. Mary-Anne Svoboda, Anit Sharma, Darminder Cheema, and Alexia Bowleg to provide a wide range of dental services for the patients at ParkPlace Dental Centre (PPDC).

Treatment with Dental Implants

Early treatment with dental implants after tooth loss, preserves supporting dental tissues and prevents teeth from drifting into the area of tooth loss. Since the crowns placed on dental implants are not attached to adjacent teeth, these adjacent teeth are preserved in their natural state to improve their life expectancy. The long-term cost of a single implant-retained tooth replacement can be less to the cost of a bridge to replace the same tooth.

When back teeth are lost, dental implants can be used to support their chewing load. This improves the survival of remaining natural teeth, as they will not be damaged with additional chewing loads. When remaining teeth are weakened by dental disease, or valiant efforts by the dentist to save them, they are more likely to fail when the load on them increases. Dental implants help restore an even load distribution while chewing. This extends the life of your natural teeth.

It is important to clean your implants like your own teeth. They should also be inspected and professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Dr. Svoboda often recommends a 3-month professional re-care program to help maintain a heavily restored dentition or teeth with diagnosed dental disease. Of course, effective home care and professional care helps all teeth and dental implants last longer and stay healthier.

Implant Demonstration Videos

Missing Teeth - Dental Implants?

Terminal Dentition - Dental Implants?

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