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Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are usually suction retained. They are designed to create a suction cup against remaining dental tissues. This suction can be very effective at holding in upper dentures because of the shape of the palate. Unfortunately suction is at a real disadvantage in the lower jaw. The remaining jaw tissue is horse-shoe shaped and both the tongue and lips on either side of the lower denture tend to mobilize it.

Complete Dentures at a Brampton Denture DentistSuction is best when the mouth creates adequate saliva of the proper consistency and when the dental tissues remaining after tooth extraction form larger ridges. The saliva forms the suction seal and the ridges form a barrier against sideways motion. Dentures are removable for cleaning and should usually be removed at night to decompress underlying tissues.

Unfortunately many medications, medical conditions and increasing age can decrease the quantity and quality of saliva. This can reduce suction significantly. As well, dental tissues continue to shrink after teeth are lost and the remaining tissue ridges reduce in size over time. This reduces the ability of the denture to resist sideways forces and thus reduces their stability.

The lower denture is the most difficult to deal with as a suction retained device. In addition to above problems of inadequate saliva and inadequate ridges, the tongue and lips are constantly moving and tend to dislodge the denture off its base. This can make it very difficult for denture wearers to eat and speak properly, especially when they are older and in poor health.

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