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Partial Dentures with Dental Implants

Dental implants can often be placed under partial dentures to help in their support and retention. This is good news as dental implants can take some of the load off of remaining teeth. In this way, dental implants can preserve remaining teeth. This is especially true when remaining teeth are already weakened by the multiple dental procedures done to save them.

Dental implants also preserve the bone and overlying gums adjacent to them. This is a great advantage because dental implants reduce the large amount of tissue shrinkage that is common after tooth loss. Less tissue loss keeps your teeth working better longer.

Dental implants can have special fittings attached to them so that they can hold dentures in. This can eliminate the need for unsightly hooks in the front of the mouth and make dentures look better.

Finally, because dental implants are absolutely resistant to tooth decay, they make treatment more durable. This is good news for patients that are prone to caries (cavities).

In summary, dental implants can preserve teeth and jaw tissues, They also hold dentures in a more aesthetic and secure manner than partial dentures without dental implants.

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